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Our agency specialises in translations to and from: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, Russian and German.

The area in which we have the greatest expertise and experience is technical translation to and from Finnish (instruction manuals for machinery and equipment of various types; technical specifications; construction project documentation; requests for quotations; and tender bids for equipment, components, vehicles, construction projects, etc.), as well as miscellaneous correspondence, medical documentation, marketing texts, and literature both fiction and non-fiction.

The list of BLT clients comprises Polish and Finnish manufacturing and merchandising companies operating in various industries; Polish, Finnish and British public authorities and cultural institutions; as well as publishing houses (see References). Our services are flexible and tailored to specific customers' needs.

In addition to providing direct services to a constantly growing group of regular customers, BLT also works in partnership with some reputable translation agencies.

Our partners:

Commonwealth War Graves Comission Honorary
Representation: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.


Each language is governed by a different set of rules and has its own stylistic devices; and each country and culture has its own unique characteristics. It is worth remembering that a rigidly literal translation is rarely attractive. Therefore, for translating specific types of texts, for example in the field of marketing, we offer the possibility of dynamic or free translation with a touch of creativity (especially for translations to and from Finnish). This does not affect the rates but means that we can successfully convey the message to the recipient, thus guaranteeing a truly professional result.

For highly-specialized texts in very narrow fields of science and technology we provide the possibility of consulting specialist native speakers to ensure the lexical accuracy of translations. BLT has long-standing and trusted relationships with experienced and appropriately qualified language consultants from Finland, Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

We are probably the only translation agency in Poland that translates texts from the Sami language (Northern Sami).


from zł 50
alk. 12 €
from zł 75
alk. 18 €

The rate for written translations is calculated on the basis of a standard page (1800 characters including spaces). Part pages are rounded up to 900 or 1800 characters as appropriate.

With orders over 50 pages the rates are negotiable.

In the case of short texts (slogans, advertising materials, labels) a flat rate is set. However, we do not accept medical records as these can only be translated by a qualified doctor. Restaurant menus, because of their highly specific nature present particular problems, and can only be accepted on the basis of individual quotation.

The rates for interpreting and consultancy services are calculated by the hour, plus expenses.

For Polish clients 23% VAT is added.

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